After this medicine Dr Akhawri Shankar has been honoured as follows:

  • UNO Indian and Bhutan chapter honoured
  • World education organised in Delhi honoured Best Doctor in 2017
  • NCR media regd. has honoured.


  • More than ten lakhs patient all-over the world has been treated.
  • A literature has been published in Health action, Secunderabad in Jan 2003, Title medicine for gene target repair.
  • Govt Gazette of the USA for patent has been published.
  • The Govt. Gazette of European patent organisation published.
  • The world intellectual property organisation Geneva has published,
  • Indian gazette for intellectual property has published.
  • Justia .com of IP attorneys USA has published the documents.
  • High beam research of unique patent from world intellectual property organisation Geneva published.
  • It has been adopted to different newspaper such as The national, New Herald, Washington times, The mirror.

The Future 

KDS4 – A medicine for one health, now it is prepared to launch in more packaging such as

  • The liquid (Oil) will be in 10 and 15 ml.
  • The gel will be in 10 to 15mg.
  • The ointment will be in 10 to 15mg.

In the nearby time, the medicine will also in powder form to use in agriculture for fertilizer and other problems. A new research is going to treat cell death by using natural and chemical (vaccine for preventing and treating)